Q. My tub is in really bad condition. Shouldn’t I just throw it out and get a new one?

A. Why pay all the money for a new tub, when we can save you money and make your old tub look like new again. The cost of ripping out an old tub can be increased if tiles are involved and who knows what other repairs may have to be done during the process. After you see the cost involved in this major renovation project, and compare it to the fraction of the cost of refinishing , were sure you will see the benefits. Check out our Why Refinish ? section and galleries and see the before and afters then give us a call for a free estimate.

Q. Why do different companies charge different prices?

A. The refinishing industry is like anything else in the market place. You get what you pay for. Any one charging $ 300 or less has to be taking short cuts in the process and using cheaper materials and coatings. Epoxy Enamels & Polymer Enamels are much cheaper than our coatings but they do not stand the test of time like our coatings do, Our coatings are all specifically designed & made for the refinishing Industry. They may not use the specialized equipment that we do as well. To achieve a professional refinishing result, that will last for many years, you cannot compromise on the procedure, equipment, or materials and coatings. The few dollars you might save may not produce the long term results that you will be satisfied with. If you then have a problem down the road will they be around to warranty there work. With that said, Superior Surface Refinishing prides itself in offering very reasonable pricing and we warranty all of our work. Call for a free estimate.

Q. I would love to get my tub refinished, but I only have one bathroom and can’t be without it for days?

A. Using our state-of-the-art refinishing process, Superior Surface Refinishing can have your tub or shower ready for use within 24 hours of completing the treatment. Three day waits are a thing of the past!

Q. Will my bathtub or countertop look painted?

A. Definitely NOT!!! You probably won’t be able to tell the difference between a new bathtub and a refinished one. Refinishing will make that worn, damaged, or old out dated fixture look new again. Our Kitchen refinishing will make your old outdated countertops and cabinets look like new modern materials used today in new homes.

Q. Our bathtubs look horrible and our kitchen looks old and outdated, but we are planning on selling our house soon, why should we bother?

A. Just as any good real estate agent will tell you, cost effective upgrades go a long way in increasing the value of your house. With our refinishing processes being a fraction of the cost to replacement renovations, it is ideal for updating and adding value to your home. It will also make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Q. How long does it take to refinish my kitchen?

A. Our Refinishing processes for countertops and backsplashes can be completed in 1 day. If we are doing your entire kitchen including cabinets, the in home refinishing can be completed in 1 day and we can remove the cabinet doors and refinish them elsewhere so your Kitchen can be back in use as soon as possible. Since countertops take more abuse than bathtubs, we do recommend light use after 24 hours and normal use after 48 hours. Call us for a free estimate and consultation for your kitchen refinishing needs and we will go over all details with you.

Q. Is my satisfaction guaranteed?

A. Absolutely ! We warranty all of our work, and show you how to care and maintain your refinished fixtures, so they will last you a long time.

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